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Biotechnology Products to Clean and Eliminate Bad Odours

Reduce bad odours from your septic tank using BIO-CRISTAL, a liquid and concentrated biotechnological product, 100% natural and non-toxic. Protect and respect the environment and wildlife, fish, micro-organisms, humans and animals with BIO-CRISTAL. This product is used for:

  • Lakes and ponds; To eliminate harmful algae and naturally restore the health of the water.

  • Septic tanks; To reduce organic matter and bad odours.

  • Water treatment plants; To reduce algae, organic matter and odours.

  • Wastewater treatment plants; To reduce organic matter and bad odours.

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Bio-Arômes is a phosphate-free deodorant and sanitizing concentrate. This ecological product effectively disinfects containers, urinals, sewers and rubbish bins. It can be applied effectively by automatic spraying and is specially formulated to eliminate stubborn odours. Its use is different depending on the type of surface, but the result remains impeccable.

  • Cherry or lemon scent

  • Biodegradable

  • Ammonia and chlorine-free

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Bio-Cristal destroys terrible smells thanks to its dormant bacteria and its enzymatic action. This product reduces the mass of organic matter in septic tanks and containers and eliminates unwanted odours by automatic spraying with regular use. To be added directly to traps and waste containers. Environmentally friendly, ecological and biodegradable, specially formulated to accelerate the degradation of organic matter. Bacteria digest these elements and transform them into gaseous CO², liquid and water-soluble matter. A small weekly dose is enough to eliminate any unpleasant odours.


Directions for Use

This product can be used with a pump or manually. You can also use it directly in each of the following drains: kitchen sinks, washing machines, baths, showers, drains, toilets and floors, alternating weekly.

The Applications

  • Sanitary facilities

  • Blocked pipes

  • Catch basins

  • Grease traps

  • Septic tanks

  • Pipes

  • Purification fields

  • Blocked drains

  • Discharge problems

  • Overflow prevention

  • A slow flow of pipes

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Quality Products for Algae Treatment

Eliminate bad odours coming from your septic tank by using our products.

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