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Get Hand Sanitizers From Produits Bio-Expert

Protect yourself in these difficult times with a suitable, easy-to-carry and alcohol-free product. We offer you the right quality product that will reassure you. This hand sanitizer is authorized by Health Canada to counter viruses harmful to health.


We have a wide choice of hand disinfectant formats available.  They are available in bottles from 60 ml to 20 L, in dispensers and mobile stations.


Authorized by Health Canada DIN 02248351

  • 20 L Anti-Microbe hand sanitizer- $259.99

  • 4 L Anti-Microbe hand sanitizer- $54.99

  • 1 L Anti-Microbe hand sanitizer- $16.99

  • 500 ml Anti-Microbe hand sanitizer- $12.99

  • 240 ml Anti-Microbe hand sanitizer- $9.99

  • 60 ml / 120 ml Anti-Microbe hand sanitizer- $4.99

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The disinfectant is based on 0.30% active benzalkonium chloride. It is odourless and does not dry hands. You can apply it with an atomizer or a foaming pump.

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Produit Bio-Expert offers you BODPUR-70, which is made in Quebec and authorized by Health Canada. Because of the 70% alcohol content in this product, it acts effectively against bacteria. The product has only a slight green apple smell. Moreover, thanks to its high-quality formulation, it does not stick to your hands and does not dry them out either.


  • Slight smell of green apple

  • Non-sticky

  • Does not dry hands

  • Active ingredients 70% alcohol

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Fight Bacteria With Our Powerful Disinfectant

Use our liquid hand sanitizer for hygienic reasons.

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