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Choose From Our Wide Range of Products

We have a wide range of cleaning products to make everything around you shine. Discover our range of products specially tested and designed for your use:


  • Powerful and economical dishwashing detergent

  • Used for manual washing of dishes, pots and pans


  • Rinsing additive

  • Natural surfactant compound that reduces the surface tension of water

  • Leaves no marks or deposits on the glass, utensils or dishes

  • Used in dishwashers, for domestic use

  • Put between 50 and 300 ml in the dishwasher

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  • Neutral laundry detergent

  • Laundry detergent composed of several biodegradable surfactants and neutral pH

  • Safe for fabrics and does not discolour clothes

  • Used in washing machines, even in HE, for domestic use

  • Put 120 ml in the washing machine

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Bio-Calc R

  • Phosphate-free concentrated acid cleaner

  • Effectively removes mineral deposits such as limescale and rust

  • Domestic use

  • Put 5 ml in 1 L of water


  • 4-in-1 all-purpose cleaner made from dormant bacteria that activate on contact with dirt.

  • Used to remove embedded dirt from glass, stainless steel, ceramics, gaskets and carpets.

  • Always do a test on a small area first.

  • For glass, mirrors and chrome, add 8 to 10 ml to 1 L of water.

  • For other surfaces, add 15 to 30 ml to 1 litre of water.

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  • Powerful concentrated liquid cleaner

  • Effective for cleaning and degreasing surfaces, vinyl, leather, and used in factories for machinery and furniture and floors, car parts, engines, etc.

  • Put 50 ml in 1 L of water


  • Concentrated laundry detergent

  • Foaming all-purpose degreasing detergent. Powerfully removes oils, fats, proteins and starch from the encrusted surface


  • Hand cleaner with rinse

  • Compound of biodegradable surfactants with emollients

Several Cleaning Products

You can choose your products according to your needs, and you will certainly find them at Produits Bio-Expert.

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